SAVE THE DATE : European Discoverability Forum (09/03)

On 9 March 2023, ECCD are pleased to organise the first European Discoverability Forum in the European Parliament in Brussels with MEPs Ibán García del Blanco, Alexis Georgoulis and Niklas Nienass, members of the Cultural Creators Friendship Group (CCFG).

“The discoverability of a content in the digital environment refers to its availability online and its ability to be located among a vast set of other content, especially by a person who was not specifically looking for it” ECCD believe that it is now the time to build a European understanding of discoverability and agree on a common definition” (French-Quebec mission, 11/2020).

In line with the conclusions of the Council of European Ministers of Culture on 4 April 2022, which set the objective of promoting strategic approaches to the online discoverability of European cultural content, the Forum will represent a unique exchange between research, platforms and rights holders from all over Europe. The Forum will also identify and share best practices on discoverability in order to set goals and perspectives for the discoverability of European works across cultural and creative sectors.

While discoverability impacts each sector differently, all are concerned by this concept which gathers visibility, enhancement and recommendation of creators’ works:

  • For music, discoverability is illustrated by the arrangement and enhancement of tracks and podcasts, sometimes in the form of a playlist, on streaming platforms;
  • For the audiovisual sector, it is illustrated by the promotion of works on the catalogues of streaming and video sharing platforms;
  • For the performing arts, the promotion of shows takes place on streaming and video sharing platforms, but also on search engines;
  • For the visual arts, search engines are the most important tool for showcasing;
  • For the book sector, the major distribution platforms play a key role in showcasing works.

To register for the event, fille this form !

The programme and the list of speakers will be published in the next few days.

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