SAVE THE DATE : Conference on Discoverability & Artificial Intelligence (08/11)

On November 8th 2023, the European Coalitions for Cultural Diversity (ECCD) and the Cultural Creators Friendship Group (CCFG) with the CCFG members Laurence Farreng MEP, Ibán García del Blanco MEP and Niklas Nienass MEP invite you to a conference focussing on European works’ discoverability in generative artificial intelligence (A.I) on November 8th at 16:30 in the European Parliament in Brussels, room ASP 1E1.

The digital revolution, which has been unfolding over the past twenty years, is confronting the world of culture with new challenges, emerging threats and new opportunities. At the moment, generative A.I. databases are fed by original works made by creators, however, in a few years’ time, up to 90% of the content appearing online is expected to be synthetic, or created by machines. This raises a major issue for the visibility, the prominence and the recommendation of European works or, in other words, for the sustainability of what we call their discoverability.

  • How to guarantee the discoverability of European works in the face of this wave of artificial content 
  • How to avoid a massive share of biases contents ?
  • How to explore the principles of algorithmic recommendation to improve the visibility and discoverability of local content ?

Through exchanges of researchers, organisations, innovators and policymakers, the event will give the opportunity to share and gather data and best practices to better understand discoverability stakes for generative A.I. in view of future editions of the European Discoverability Forum as launched by ECCD and CCFG on March 2023.

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The programme and the list of speakers will be published in the next few days.

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