Press release : Generative AI: a key issue for the future and discoverability of European creation

The European Coalitions for Cultural Diversity (ECCD) organised a conference on the discoverability of cultural works and artificial intelligence (AI) at the European Parliament on November 8, with the support of MEPs Laurence Farreng, Ibán García del Blanco and Niklas Nienass, members of the Cultural Creators Friendship Group (CCFG).
Following the launch of the European Forum on Discoverability last March, this workshop is the second event initiated by the Coalitions to reflect on ways of ensuring greater visibility for European creation in the digital world.
At this workshop, which demonstrated the major challenge that generative AI represents for the discoverability of European works, the debates highlighted 4 main recommendations to which the CEDCs fully subscribe:

  • Ensure the tracking of training data for generative AI to guarantee greater transparency and traceability for the cultural and creative sectors, as well as copyright protection
  • Enhance the quality and readability of metadata by machines, based in particular on international standards
  • Putting people at the heart of AI-powered recommendation systems
  • Empowering audiences and users, and developing digital and media literacy.

Faed with so many essential challenges for the future of human and European creation, the CEDCs will continue to mobilize to encourage networking, the promotion of best practices and reflection on new regulations promoting the discoverability of European creation.

“It is important we continue to discuss what it could mean for our societies, for our identity, values and democracy. Our societal cohesion and cultural diversity depends on a diversity of creative works made by humans being available and possible to find by citizens.  Are our rules on AI transparency and prominence up to the task ?” Carole Tongue, Chair of the ECCD

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