Conference at the European Parliament : “Cultural Diversity: How To Sustain It In The Digital Age?”

On January 24, 2018, the European Coalitions for Cultural Diversity held a conference at the European Parliament in Brussels on “Cultural Diversity: How To Sustain It In The Digital Age?”.

The event was hosted by Viviane Reding MEP, former Vice-President of the European Commission and chaired by Carole Tongue, President of the European Coalitions and Pascal Rogard, President of the French Coalition for Cultural Diversity.

Mariya Gabriel Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society has given a keynote speech, and representatives of the creative and cultural sectors, of the European Commission and the European Parliament were invited to discuss the above issues:

  • How can we best remunerate European creation in the era of the platforms?
  • How to make European creative works more visible in the EU?

You can listen to the record of the debates and have a look at the pictures here below.

All the pictures are ©PRYZM Photographie.

Conference: “Cultural Diversity: how to sustain it in the digital age?”
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